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Ruby-zoisite, also known as ruby-in-zoisite and Tanganyika artstone, is a blend of both natural ruby and zoisite crystals in a single variety.
This semi-precious stone is recognized by the name of ‘Anyolite’, which is derived from a Masai word that meansanyoligreen.


Ruby-zoisitehad its derivation from a longido mining district in northeast Tanzania. An English prospector, Tom Blevins, at first discovered it. Blevins had initiallybelieved that he got avast ruby deposit in 1949, but then it turned out as a green zoisite matrix with huge inclusions of typical opaque ruby.
At present, Tanzania is the only source for ruby-zoisite.

Ruby-in-zoisitemay vary in immensecolour, pattern and hardness, depending on its primary constituents.


Ruby-zoisite is deeplycomprises of black hornblende and red ruby quartzesthat create fascinating patterns with its matrix rock.It is typically exhibits in three different colours pink to red, green and black.
Pink & red hues are owed due to the presence of ruby, while green is owed to its zoisite composition and hornblende is the source of its black colours. Zoisite provides it an earthy green colour, while ruby inclusions contribute it a pink and red highlights.


Hardness of Zoisiteranges from 6.5 to seven on Mohs scale, while ruby has a hardness of nine.


Distinctive mottled colours and appearance can often identify ruby-zoisite. Ruby-zoisite can sometimes be confused with Jade-albeit or maw-sit-sit from Burma, but it tends to exhibit more red and pink colours.


Being an opaque stone, ruby-zoisite has a dense and smokytransparency due to large presence of inclusions. Hence, when polished, this high-class stone exhibits enamel clarity and lustre.


As Ruby-zoisite is very popular in ornaments, therefore it is usually break down in cabochon and often carved into various lavish decorative objects.
Sometimes, adequate materials may be faceted being large oval shaped, tumbled and drilled ruby-zoisite beads are quite popular.


Ruby-zoisite is a gemstone that associates the properties of ruby, hornblende and zoisite. Ruby is the symbol of fire, whereas zoisite is an earthly crystal.
As the consequence, Ruby-zoisite is an ideal gemstone for corresponding the fire and earth elements & their energies. It is also used to deal with patience and mood-swings related issues.
Ruby-zoisiteis used to enhance fertility in both men and women. This stone is known for improving spiritual and psychic ability of the wearer apart from being helpful in healing bacterial infections.


Ruby-zoisite is associated with the chakras of crown and heart. Meanwhile, it is an astrological gemstone for both the zodiac signs of Aries and Aquarius.


Ruby-zoisite is a relatively hard material and demonstrations perfect cleavage, but it is still much softer than many other popular jewelry gemstones like topaz, sapphire and spinel. Accordingly, this gemstones and its jewelryshould be threatened from hard blows and knocks that can cause stones to fracture or breakdown.


Ruby-zoisite should avoid long exposure to direct heat, strong light or sudden temperature changes. It should not be exposed to bleach, acid or any other harsh ultrasonic chemical or steam cleaners.
The most significant way to clean a ruby-zoisite is with the use of soft cloth and plain soapy water. Rinse well to eradicate the soapy residue.
Before exercising, playing sports or engaging in any vigorous household chores like dishwashing, do remove ruby-zoisite gemstones.To avoid scratches always store ruby-zoisite away from other gemstones. It is superlative to wrap these stones with a soft cloth and place them in a fabric-lined jewellery box.
Although it is not a perfect ruby, still it establishesitself in carvings and cabochons. At present, Ruby-zoisite is considered as one of the most colourfuland affordable precious stonesexisting in abundant range of gems material.

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