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Chrysoprase is a beautiful apple-green to deep green colored gemstone symbolizes joy and optimism in lifespan. Owing to its hardness and prominent color, this mystifying stone is considered as a popular gemstone in jewelry as well as in the carving industry.
This beautiful gemstone sometimes resembles an original emerald and thus often mistaken for the majestic jade stone of East Asia. However, unlike emerald, Chrysoprase is a rare range of the green chalcedony family and is recognized for its outstanding healing properties that not only strengthen the inner strength consciousness but also brings hope, courage, and prosperity in bearer’s life.


Chrysoprase got its name from a Greek word ‘chrysos’ that means gold, and ‘praso’ which means bloom, which ultimately refers to ‘golden leek’ in Greek. The name perfectly bestowed on the stone as it illustrates a tinge of golden yellow within its beautiful green color.


In the ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian eras Chrysoprase was mostly used in seals, signets and jewelry objects.
It is said that Chrysoprase was the most loved gemstone of Macedonian king Alexander III of Greece, and he hadn’t won any battle after losing his beloved belt.

Places where found

This amazing gemstone has been loved for thousands of years as a result of its intense green shade. The main sources of Chrysoprase are Russia, Australia, Brazil and South Africa.
Deposits of Chrysoprase are also found in Indonesia, Queensland, Tanzania, Germany, Poland, Madagascar and some parts of India, Kazakhstan and America.


Chrysoprase is made of chalcedony, which is a form of silica. It derives its apple-green to deep green shade from oxides and silicates of nickel, which is present in small quantity.
Chrysoprase or chrysoprasus is an assortment of chalcedony, which is a cryptocrystalline form of silica, and does contain a little quantity of nickel in it.

Associated zodiac

Beautiful apple green Chrysoprase is a Libra birthstone that promotes pleasure and keeps you centered within your heart energy. It is admirable in balancing the fine line between self-preservation and letting go of resent that eventually feel excellent to the wearer.
Similar other heart chakra gemstones like Jade and Rose Quartz, Chrysoprase is also useful in alleviating a broken heart, that is why it is requested when it comes to the matter of the heart such as loneliness or heartbreak.

Healing properties of Chrysoprase

The healing power of this mystifying stone is well known for efficiently pondering and satisfying the delicate emotions of an individual. It leads the wearer towards a healthy state of mind by eliminating all sorts of toxic emotions.
Chrysoprase is well known in making an individual emotionally strong and stable. Apart from boosting one’s self-esteem and patient level, it gives you the confidence of accepting change, and being happy with what you are.
To obtain maximum benefit, you have to keep this magical stone within your aura, and that can be done by jewelry like ring, earring or pendant. Grab your Chrysoprase ring now to get out of your head and inside your heart for curing your emotional pain.

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