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Black Star Diopside derived its name out of a Greek terms ‘di’ which means ‘two’ and ‘opsis’ that denotes ‘vision’.
Black Star gemstone, also known as the black star of India, is an oval shape black crystal well effective for stimulating the intellect. It is not only known for reactivating the body and the mind, but also the soul. Widely recognized for increasing the immunity of the person on whom it is worn; this mystic gem is a marvel in itself.


In addition to some of the regions of Burma, Black Star is most commonly found in India. Indian states such as Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh are the dominant producer of this beautiful gem.
However, it is sourced from some other areas of the world like Brazil, Austria, Italy, Finland, Russia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, North America, and South Africa; India is a prominent supplier of natural black star crystals of extremely high quality.


• Color

Black star is commonly black or sometimes blackish-green in color. Rarely does it come in true green color as well.

• Shape

In the main, Black star gemstones appear in round or oval shape with a rough base surface. They get their specific cabochon design to enhance the asterism brilliance. These stones are normally measured in numerous tens of carats and further cut large in shape.

• Luster

Generally, when taken under a single source of light, this crystal bounces a four-pointed enigmatic star effect. This makes it one of its kind, owing to the four straight rays which form an image of white star in the center that seems like it shines against a dark black sky. Elegant enamel shine with sharp cabochon cut work together in order to maximize its stunning luster.


Star diopside is one of the most common members of the pyroxene family that comes with a refractive index of 1.64 to 1.78. Black Star is a variety of calcium magnesium silicate. With the molar mass of 60 g per molar, it has the chemical formula as Silica or silicon dioxide – SiO2.


Black star comes with a hardness of 6–7 on theMohs scale. This beautiful translucent gem falls in the category of oxide minerals and has a specific gravity of 4 that fall from 2.65 to 3.38.


Black Star is the birthstone for March month. It serves great to the owners of Pisces and Libra zodiac sign.


When it comes to the benefits of wearing black star jewelry, they are enormous. Black star acts as a powerful healer. For those who are confused in their lives and desire to crack new experiments, this stone can be a perfect choice. It is well recognized for providing a right direction and goal to one’s life.
Owing to its strong magnetic forces, black star aids in achieving a good physical as well as mental health. When combined with high vibration gems like ruby, red garnet and jet, this supernatural crystal certainly turns out to be extremely supportive for grounding the creativity level.
Diopside gem is considered effective in creating great business leaders and management experts. That is why black star is said to be extremely helpful for the people who eagerly believe in diligence.

• Emotional healer

The Black star gemstone is known to raise the wearer in the extreme tough situation when all the factors are working against him or her. Particularly for serious minded persons, it supports accepting the failures and successes of life simultaneously as stepping stones.
This protective stone is said to bring more safety and is highly beneficial for people struggling with trauma & aggression. Besides increasing imagination power, this stone is considered operative in enhancing the level of love and commitment in one’s life.

• Astrological Benefits

Black star diopside is conventionally used to acknowledge information and familiarity of the past. This gem is popularly believed to awake the power of destiny or Kundali. Known to cart off the negative energies of malefic Rahu and Ketu, black star is widely used to take away the evil effects of the associated chakra.
This mysterious crystal has proven benefits for those who aspire to get closer to their divine communication.

• Effective in medical treatment

The black stone crystal can effectively heal injuries just by keeping close to that particular part of the body. It is also employed to provide relief from all sorts of psychological illnesses.
Besides meditation, black star successfully cure the blood-related disorders. In addition to strengthening the immune system; diopside is found extremely useful in the treatment of pneumonia, asthma, lungs chronic and infections. It exceptionally reconciles the respiratory tract of a person.

• Unique characteristic

This splendidcovert crystal has conspicuous needle-like magnetite sparklers that easily get attracted by a magnet. It is the most recent variety of cabochon discovered till now.On account of its supernatural healing properties, some people use black star to calm their pets at times.


This stunning cabochon cut diopside gemstone is needed to be handled with complete precautions. While molding in jewelry stuff, proper care of this soft crystal should be taken, as it can easily prone to cracks or damages.
For cleaning, never allow it to get in contact with any soap or harsh chemicals. Apply only regular water to wash the black star and pet it dries gently using a soft fabric.


To make all its healing powers work at their best, this favorable gem should touch the skin of the person wearing it. Thus, Black Star Diopsidestone can be worn as in the form of jewelry like rings, earrings, bracelets or pendants. So grab a high-quality certified black star diopsidein a wide range of studded jewelry at the most wholesale price from semiprecious wholesale.

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