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Turquoise or Firoza is a soothing gemstone, yet dense and strong. This beautiful opaque stone named after its unique blue-green shade. Turquoise is renowned for recuperating the mental state that leads to a sense of self-realization.

Primarily, Turquoise is used as a decorative gemstone. Small carved stones are shaped to craft beautiful mosaics in jewellery whereas, bulky sized highlight the natural beauty and adds value to the attached jewelry.


Turquoise has a hardness of ‎5–6 on the Mohs scale with massive and nodular crystal habits.


Obtainable in rich turquoise ‎‎blue and gorgeous green color, this tempting gemstone comes along with a unique blue-green hue.
It is widely recognized and recommended as a substitute for Yellow Sapphire gemstone.


Owing to its unique and beautiful hue, Turquoise is a valuable gemstone for thousands of years. The chemical formula of this rare mineral is CuAl₆ (PO₄)₄(OH) ₈•4H₂O. This blue-to-green opaque is made of copper and hydrated aluminum phosphate.

Zodiac sign

According to Vedic Astrology, those who have Sagittarius as their zodiac sign should opt for turquoise gemstone ornaments. However, this beautiful stone comes with no side-effects and hence is safe to be worn by anybody.

Allied Chakra

Turquoise associates with 5th Chakra, which is related to communication. Therefore, this marvelous stone is highly recommended for people who are suffering from Glossophobia, i.e., having a fear of speaking in public.
It is commonly believed that Turquoise enables the speaker to confidently speak in public by boosting his level of creativity and frankness.

Healing properties of Turquoise

Being a protective gemstone, Turquoise protects you at every stage of your life. It has the protecting powers that enhance all of the happiness features and boost calmness, creativity, kindliness, compassion, intuition, and positive thinking in one’s mind. Turquoise is the stone of cleaning that effectively assists in leaving bad habits and uplifting the depleted energy. This peaceful gemstone brings on internal calmness and keeps you away from negative vibes. This makes it an ideal stone to go along with meditation.

Green Turquoise is known for curing a somnolent psyche. This uncommon gemstone has an excellent curative energy that gently heals the overall psychological stress and shelters the holder from curse, sin, cruelty, or any mishap.

Benefits of Turquoise jewellery

Turquoise ring or necklace makes you look fabulous and at the same time, heal your heart by energizing all the chakra centers. This charismatic gem has made its way as a fashion statement in our everyday life.
Besides serving as a fortune for good health and prosperity, Turquoise operates to realign your possibilities centers by connecting you with the therapeutic energy of life-giving element, water.

Meditate with the Turquoise and enter into a positive state of life-affirming vibes. Turquoise crystal is known for its healing energies, which allows you to function at your utmost level of infinite potentials along with facing any emotional storms in your personal world.

Stunning Turquoise jewellery not only brings brightness to your classy outfit but also attach a pop of chic in your essential wardrobe. Potent radiance of Turquoise crystal comes with a sense of improved self-confidence.

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