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Selenite Introduction

Selenite crystal is an ideal stone for connecting with spiritual light and divine mind to create a complete transformation of personality. Also known as Satin Spar this profuse stone has a milky sheen that light ups from its surface.
This white crystal embodies a strong vibration energy that assists you to release the crown chakra and soul star that brings the light down from the upper realms into the holder’s body.

Name derivation

Selenite is named after the Greek goddess of the moon ‘Selene’ as it often reflects luminosity and appears like a spotlight which is directly falling from the moon.


Selenite is usually discovered in beautiful white and transparent color. Although, non-transparent and partly shaded white gypsum selenite crystals are also accessible in the market. They can also be seen in various shades such as pure white, grey-blue, orange, pale white, peach, brown, bright golden yellow and sometimes even in green.


Made of hydrous calcium sulfate, this beautiful crystal belongs to the gypsum family. Usually, selenite stones forms in clay beds or around hot springs.

Places where found

Generally, selenite is found in a large number of countries such as the USA, Australia, Mexico, England, Russia, Germany, Poland, France, and Greece.
White non-transparent Gypsum Selenites of Mexico are renowned for their healing properties, so if you are specifically looking for the curing, you should opt for them. These Selenites are not only glossy but also of immense quality.

Therapeutic properties

Selenite crystals are popular as they can be wrought into several uses of healing. Selenite healing properties follow tendencies which are in a way similar to the water. It not only clears energy blockages and brings positivity, but also activates the energy and aligns the chakras to get completely purified and reach a higher plane.
Healing properties of selenite are also known for improving the mental balance by connecting to the Etheric chakras. Holder experiences an enlightened sense of harmony and purity, which is free from all anxiety, negativity, and inhibitions. Its radiate energy of light promotes integrity and thus this marvelous stone assists the wearer, to be honest to self.
Selenite comes with a strong healing energy and is known for activating the hidden abilities from past lives. They are potent and high vibration healing crystals that besides cleansing the aura of negative forces, also deliver clarity of mind. There are several possibilities of outcomes that may vary depending upon the objective we desire to achieve.

How to use selenite

Generally, Selenite stones are extraordinarily beautiful and that is why people often opt for them without having any idea of what this particular stone has to offer you. It sounds quite easy to purchase a Selenite Crystal from the market and keep with yourself. However, it is extremely important to use it correctly.
The finest approach of owning a Selenite crystal is employing in meditation. This powerful healing crystal can be incredibly beneficial in relieving stress as it has many wonderful optimistic energies and remedial qualities. You should be aware of the best way of having this lovely crystal, to attain its complete advantages.
Selenite works at its height when kept in touch with the body parts. So, to get maximum advantages, wear selenite through a ring or a pendant.Selenite is renowned for removing negativity that is why it is highly recommended in everyday life. Properly hold this delightful crystal, so that its energy benefits you personally.

Precautions while Cleansing your Selenite Crystals

It is essential to cleanse the Selenite crystal on a regular basis as it absorbs all the negative energy, but this gemstone requires a degree of care and precaution while cleansing.Just keep in mind that Selenite should be kept dry in all possible conditions.
Never make your Selenite Crystals to contact with water, as this may discolor or lose sheen of this stone.In some cases, it is observed that Selenite can even dissolve in water. Hence, it is not recommended to wet any variety of Selenite while cleaning.

On the whole, this positive gemstone may enhance your mental and spiritual health in an affirmative track.

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