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Natural white topaz is a transparent semi-precious gemstone that comes in a variety of cuts for instance round, square, octagon, oval, pear cut and many other fancy designs. Magnification energy of white topaz is believed to bring peace and good health in the wearer’s life. It is recommended for holding breath on the right track during any emotional and mental disturbances.
Topaz is named after a Greek word ‘Tapazos’ that means ‘search for’ and is acknowledged as the gem of the breastplate of the high priest according to the Bible. Owing to its brilliant, dazzling luster, it is one of the most popular white gems. Also known by the name of transparent topaz or silver topaz, this clear topaz is used in jewelry making as well.


Being an easily obtainable gem, White Topaz gemstone mines have been located in a more significant part of Asia such as Japan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.
Natural White Topaz is usually unearthed from granite and pegmatite sources. Though, its multiple deposits are found in numerous other places of the world like Germany, Australia, South Africa, Madagascar, Mexico, Ukraine, Norway, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and the United States; Nigeria, Brazil and Sri Lanka, are the major producers of white topaz gemstones.



Although, White Topaz comes in a perfect transparent and white hue its natural form sometimes also arises in several colorless shades like yellow, red, blue, green, and orange.


White Topaz has an extremely bright shine in it. On account of its hardness and clarity, it is often mistaken as a diamond. However, these topazes are not as durable as diamonds and carry different benefits, but they are widely popular as an inexpensive diamond simulator.


With a chemical formula of Al2SiO4 (F, OH) 2 and a specific gravity of 3.56, White topaz is an aluminium silicate natural stone of Fluorine. Its refractive index varies from 1.609 to 1.643, and Mohs scale hardness is 8. The crystal structure of White topaz gemstone is Orthorhombic and pyramidal.


White Topaz is the gemstone for the zodiac sign, Sagittarius. It is used as the birthstone for April month.
Though, this semi-precious gem is also related to the planets Mercury and Jupiter as well; it is mainly associated with the planet Venus which is believed as the planet of affection, companionship, wealth and happiness.
White topaz is allied with Sahashara Chakra, which is located in the crown point of the head. Further, it is also known for enhancing concentration power and positivity in mind.


By having a White Topaz ring on your ring finger of the right hand, you can intensely draw mental clarity and delight in your life. Through its excellent healing powers, it displays protective properties in one’s life. Meanwhile, it also supports in bringing the experience back on a running track, after any mishap.
White topaz symbolizes faith and courage. This beautiful gem not only eliminates the negative energies but also well-thought-out as an excellent gemstone for meditation. It certainly clears the hurdles in the passage of achieving your life goals.


White Topaz, in general, is recognized for improving the individuality and creativity level of the holder. Having a White Topaz in any form with you will always encourage you to follow the guidance of your spirit. It effectively helps in your devotional development and assists you to look out for the drive of your life.
White Topaz carries a vibration of truth that supports your manifest and acts as a strong shaman which is known for enhancing positivity and charismatic effect around it. Therefore, White topaz gemstone ornaments effectively add love, hope, and happiness in the life of the wearer.


All along with boosting the immune system, White Topaz deliberately empowers in various mental abilities. This is a perfect energetic gemstone for lazy people who feel quite low and require some extra pace in their routine lifestyle.
This pure gemstone is highly recommended to relieve numerous health-related issues. White Topaz is extremely beneficial in several skin related problems. It is considered as a real magnetic healer. Besides stimulating healthy skin, it strengthens the hair and nails too.

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