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Introduction to the stone of life: Shungite

Shungite is a shiny black, non-crystalline gemstone that originally means a mineraloid with about 98% of carbon content. It is one of the only identified natural stones that contain fullerenes with it which are one of the most potent antioxidants.
Curing powers of Shungite is known for protecting against EMF (electromagnetic field) and all electronic equipment. However, in the last few years, Shungite is obtainable quite certainly, but still; it is counted among the category of rare stones because of its limited availability.

Beginning of Shungite

Shungite is believed to be formed when there was no life on earth. During the Paleoproterozoic era, there used to be rich deposits of oil shale and crude oil deep below the earth’s crust in the volcano chains of western Russia.
When these deposits get subjected to continuous heat and pressure, they turned into Shungite. Some also believe that it is originated from the ancient oceans, which were inhabited with diverse microscopic organism.

Story behind the name

Shungite-bearing rock is a pure form of carbon that brings into being from the Karelia region of western Russia.
Because it is primarily found in Russia, it derived its name from there. Shungite gemstone is named after a village Shunga in the northwest Russia where it was initially originated.

Came to notice

Though, this incredibly healing stone is estimated to be almost 2 billion years old, it got acknowledged worldwide at the end of the last century.
Shungite’s potentials got recognition after a Nobel Prize-winning research in 1996 which revealed that its antioxidant fullerenes have extraordinary healing powers in terms of emotional well-being along with purification of mind and detoxification of the body.

Be made up of a cluster of carbon, pyrite, aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, and iron oxide, Shungite is not an ordinary stone. Highly touted as the stone of transformation, Shungite stone is one of the most powerful and popular healing stones from ancient times.

Metaphysical properties of Shungite

• For centuries, Shungite is considered extremely beneficial in detoxifying the environment by absorbing all the destructive vibes from the scenario and infusing the aura with purified light.
• Besides giving a better picture of what is favorable for your healthier future; it efficiently operates to keep all such people and elements away from the holders which can be perilous to their mental, physical or emotional health in the upcoming phase.
• With its ability to protect the wearers from evil, it worthily assists one to differentiate between what is right and what else is wrong.
• By possessing Shungite jewelry with you or having any of its form at your home, you can grab all its positive sanctions and eliminate negative energies from around you.

Medical Benefits of Shungite

• The power of Shungite not only works effectively in spiritual community but also act as a prominent antioxidant in cancer treatment.
• Shungite has long been used for sanitizing the drinking water. In fact, many people in Russia are still using Shungite as a water purifier.
• EMF protection crystal Shungite heals the hazardous effects of electrical pollution. Meanwhile it shields the holder from man-made electrical devices comprising smartphones, computers, televisions, microwaves and their harmful radiations.

Unknown facts about Shungite

• The Zazhoginskoye mine, next to the Lake Onega in the Shunga region of Russia, is the largest deposit of Shungite on the earth.

• Shungite pyramid are never recommended to be placed in the bedrooms as its high level of energy may cause a disturbance in sleep. Even though Shungite spheres or ovals are fine to use in bedrooms.

• Based on the carbon percentage in it, Shungite is classified into some groups likewise Shungite-1 (highest carbon portion, around 98 to 100%), Shungite-2, -3, -4, and -5(with only 10% of carbon)
Similarly, on the basis of its luster, Shungite is categorized in four categories namely bright, semi-bright, semi-dull, and dull.

• Among the first few of its type, there is a room of 43 sq feet area in Paris, France. Best known by the name of Shungite room, its floor, walls and even the ceilings are completely made of Shungite. Used for conducting relaxation sessions and carrying out bioenergetic experiments, this Shungite room serves as the means of re-energizing oneself.

• Its attribute towards Nano carbon clusters is not the only quality of this unique gemstone, though; Shungite is highly conductive in its purest form.
Indeed, this property is used while testing the authenticity of a real Shungite that possesses a huge amount of conductivity with it, which the fake one doesn’t.

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