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Green Amethyst is a light green-coloured, semi-precious gemstone of Quartz mineral group. Owing to its extraordinary soothing properties, Green Amethyst is counted among those few gemstones, which have effective therapeutic powers with them.
Also recognized as ‘Prasiolite’, this beautiful stone is well known for relieving hyper-tensions. Widely popular as a perfect healing gemstone, Prasiolite symbolizes self-respect. Accessible in a variety of cuts like round, oval, heart, square, steps, trillion, marquise, and drop mixed cuts; Green Amethyst comes with an excellent distribution of various green shades in striking patches.


Brazil is the largest source of Natural Green Amethyst ever since 1950, but from the beginning of 2019, the only remaining mine is nearly extracted out. This stunning stone is subsequently mined in the Thunder Bay area of Canada and the USA. Some natural Prasiolite mines have also been found in the lower region of Silesia, Poland.
Although there are plenty of Prasiolite in the market, they are artificially treated Amethyst; Natural Green Amethyst is a rare stone. In the present time, the most beautiful varieties of Green Amethyst are originated from Brazil, Sri Lanka, Siberia, and the Far East.


Green Amethyst has a chemical composition of silicon dioxide, i.e., SiO2.


Green Amethyst primary arises in a light pinkish violet to deep purple shade. Even though Amethyst sometimes exhibits two secondary hues as red and blue.
Beautiful pale green color together with a stunning lustre and brilliant transparency is the fundamental characteristic of this supernatural gem. Dark green translucent hue is usually the result of heat treatment for producing artificial quartz. However, such pale shades were not considered desirable at a time, but they become popular in the last few years being a result of excessive marketing.


A gemstone, with a rank below seven, is estimated brittle and may get scratched when getting in touch with even a minute particle of dust or impurities.
With Mohs scale hardness of 7 Prasiolite is considered not only an ideal gemstone in jewelry making but also a durable jewel in the long run. Though, its impure varieties sometimes rank below 7.

Refractive index and specific gravity of Prasiolite
Besides the range of specific gravity 3.49 to 3.57; the refractive index of Green Amethyst varies from 1.543 to 1.553.

Best grade Green Amethyst

Top-ranked Green Amethyst is branded as ‘Deep Siberian’ that comes with a striking purple and red-blue color in a ratio of about 80:20 per cent respectively. The shade may vary depending upon the source of light.
‘Rose de France’, on the other hand, is acknowledged via its distinct light purple shade with reminiscent of a pinch of lavender shade.


Who should opt for Green Amethyst..?

When it comes to knowing who should wear Green Amethyst, the answer can be revealed using its allied Zodiac sign and astrological chakra.
Green Amethyst is associated with the planet Mercury and regarded as the birthstone for the people born in February.
Although anyone can wear it as it carries no adverse effects, the associated zodiac sign for Green Amethyst is considered as Cancer. Therefore, owners of Cancer sign are highly recommended to hold this semiprecious stone in any form to gain emotional and financial stability in their life.

How to use Green Amethyst gemstone..?

A person should opt for a Green Amethyst gemstone of about 1/10th of his or her body weight in any possible form. For instance, if you are weighing 60 kg, you should wear a green amethyst of minimum 5 or 6 carats.
This exceptionally marvellous gem is recommended to be worn with the metal gold in common. Therefore, Green Amethyst gold rings and earrings are highly preferred by the wearers. However, in several cases, other metals like silver, platinum, and white gold are also used.
In general, Green Amethyst is suggested to wear this stone in the ring or little figure of functioning hand.


Since early times, people of Greece use to believe that Green Amethyst brings endless affection, self-esteem and good health in the holder’s living.
Owing to its exceptional supremacies, Green Amethyst is deliberated highly competent in handling the financial affairs of its owner. Meanwhile, this incredible gemstone also holds the power to deliver concentration; it controls one’s tendency to getting distracted from his or her life goals.
On account of its strong spiritual powers, it is widely used by the people indulged in occult arts. Apart from bringing financial stability, Green Amethyst is correspondingly worn to attain spiritual serenity and better communication skills.
A bright and pure green colored amethyst is recommended for best astrological results.


A wearer can get maximum health benefits out of green quartz healing properties. People suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress can obtain extreme relief from Green Amethyst gemstone jewelry.
Conventionally it is believed to be extremely beneficial in getting rid of intoxication. This is even assumed that drinking of liquor, in a glass of Green Amethyst, will minimize its intoxicating effect. Prasiolite gemstone furthermore restores the balance of the nervous system.
Green Amethyst is also considered strategic in healing gynaecological and fertility issues in females. It is of great help to those individuals who are going through some emotional trauma or mental disturbance in their lives.


As this fantastic gemstone has no adverse results on the wearer; therefore, anyone can wear a genuine green amethyst to earn overall physical, mental and spiritual happiness.
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