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    Lapis Lazuli is one of the most commonly used gemstones these days. But there are different types of Lapis which are available to us due to which all of them have other qualities and price ranges. For example, we can get various ornaments from the Lapis Lazuli, and many people even want to own those ornaments. So if you are also looking for a Lapis for yourself, then we at Essential Jewellers will provide you with a wide range of Carved Lapis ornaments.

    Yes, you heard it right. Lapis can be carved to make beautiful ornaments and give them a unique shape. There are many types of Lapis stones which are available to us, but the rarest and also the best of them all is the Calcite. Lapis has also been a great gift to give any close one. Many people have started offering the same to their loved ones to show they value their bond. The colour of Lapis comes in shades of blue like Royal, Midnight, etc.

    Origin: Afghanistan. Colour: Indigo, royal, midnight, or marine blue. Clarity: Opaque. Cuts: Carved Treatment: Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone.