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    A druzy stone is a natural mineral that forms over time due to crystals accumulating on another mineral. The term "druzy" is derived from the German term "druse," which means "geode." It appears layered and is typically found in clusters. Druzy stones come in various colours, making them very appealing to collectors.

    Druzy rocks were thought to have been discovered in the northwest region of Brazil, but they are now found worldwide. They are usually mined from quartz rocks containing other minerals like chlorite or sericite. Druzy was originally collected only by native tribes who valued its beauty and used it in ceremonies and rituals. This gemstone is still managed by people worldwide for its unique beauty.

    They can be set into jewellery or displayed in a collection of gemstone lovers. Because of their purported ability to amplify energy and reduce stress, some people use them as healing crystals.

    Origin - Al-Daraji. Colour -White, Gray and Light brown. Clarity - Metal purity. Cuts - Opal Druzy Size: 33 x 27 x 7 mm. Treatment - Untreated 100 % Genuine Gemstone.