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    Druzy Aura Quartz (sometimes referred to as Fairy Quartz) in purple and yellow (known as Sun Aura Quartz) Covered in Sterling Silver.

    To create Aura Quartz, metal microns (atoms) have been incorporated into the quartz crystal matrix to create Aura Quartz. Quartz, for example, is a naturally occurring mineral whose surface has been treated with metal to provide an iridescent metallic shine on the crystals they are coated with. Titanium is utilised to make Titanium Quartz, while a dark metallic Rainbow Quartz is made using a different combination of metals. White Aura Quartz and Aqua Aura are plated in gold and platinum. A new, high-frequency stone is created by glueing metal to natural quartz, which does not flake off and can be programmed with intent. It is beautiful to see and lock gorgeous on the body.

    Origin: Burma, Brazil, South Africa, and India. Colour: Purple and yellow. Clarity: Semi Translucent. Cuts: Sharp. Treatment: Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone.