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    Marmaid Kyanite is a blue stone that looks beautiful, luxurious, and rare. The origin of Marmaid Kyanite is Myanmar, Cambodia, Kenya, and Nepal, where it is formed and used by people. Kyanite is a composite of kyanite, andalusite, and sillimanite, available in sapphire colour, blue topaz, or transparent blue colour. Kyanite is in the form of stone, and it is also tough and is very different in shape as per the requirement.

    This stone is suitable for doing meditation and attunement, and it also helps in calming the body and mind. This stone never gives any negative energy and brings green and blue kyanite together. It also produces yin-yang energy which contains the body and removes blockages. This stone is often seen in some places and has also been used in many jewellery pieces, making pendants and jewellery sets, rings, earrings, and beads which both men and women can use.

    Origin: Myanmar, Cambodia, Kenya etc. Colour: sapphire colour or blue topaz. Clarity: Opaque. Cut: Pear shape.

    Treatment: 100% Genuine Gemstone.