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    Chrysoprase is a mineral that is more popular than chrome chalcedony (Mtorolite). On the other hand, Mtorolite differs in that it is coloured by nickel as opposed to chromium and may also have minute black chromite flecks. Specimens frequently have an etched appearance, and the substance is typically found in intricate plate-like deposits.

    Only a tiny fraction of the Mtorolite that Toprock offers has been entirely polished; usually, polishing only takes place on one side. Semi-crystalline, botryoidal-like structures frequently have sides, or just one face left unaltered. Slices and other shiny forms sporadically appear but are rare because of the characteristics of the substance. It is only mined in Zimbabwe, and we do all the polishing. Chrysoprase stone is a silicon dioxide mineral member of the quartz stone family known as green chalcedony. The chrysoprase stone, also known as the stone of Venus, is the most expensive and rarest rich-apple-green crystal in the family of green chalcedonies.

    Origin -   southwestern Poland. Colour -  Olive to apple green.  Clarity -  Natural emerald.  Cuts -  rounds, ovals, trillions, hearts and pears. Treatment - Untreated 100 % Genuine Gemstone.