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    Petalite pink. It is a solid protective stone because it forbids the presence of evil energy nearby. It also has a lot of excellent healing properties, such as the ability to reduce stress.

    Property of Petalite. Orthoclase pyrite, or petalite, is a rare and distinctive gem well-liked by collectors. Although it's frequently mistaken for a diamond or a pink tourmaline, it has a very different composition. Castorite is the name of the transparent variety of this stone. Petalite typically comes in colourless, grey, or yellow varieties. Petalite aids in creating a secure environment for spiritual interaction and improves communication.

    It brings success, protection, tranquillity, peace, and alertness while on a vision quest or travelling astral. Petalite is regarded as a very protective stone that aids in promoting goodness and mental tranquillity. White in colour, pink, grey, yellow, yellow-grey, to white table form crystals & columnar masses, are the most common forms of petalite. It occurs in pegmatites that also contain spodumene, lepidolite, & tourmaline and contain lithium.

    Origin - Namibia, Africa. Color - white in colour, pink and grey.  Clarity -  Transformed. Cuts -    bright stones with a vitreous lustre. Treatment - Untreated 100 % Genuine Gemstone.