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    The Priday Agate Beds in central Oregon are where orbicular agates like polka dot agate are found. It looks just like what its name sounds like. It is a semitransparent to semitranslucent agate with round "dots" of different colours suspended in the stone. It is a favourite Oregon gemstone.

    The primary colours of polka dots are blue, white, and pale yellow. The dots can be almost any combination of yellow, orange, red, brown, and black. Some of the specimens have also been marked by nature with black dendrites. Brown jasper has broken up some of the other pieces. The degree of transparency ranges from almost transparent to almost opaque. Some of the most exciting and beautiful kinds of agate you will ever see have this colour and shape.

    The dots in the agate range from being so small that you can barely see them to being about 1/4 inch across. Most of them are entirely agatised, but some look like they are made of a soft iron oxide like limonite or hematite. Most of the dots are sharp, spherical, and concentric. Some are round, but their edges aren't perfectly round.

    Origin: Europe. Colour: Blue, white, and pale yellow. Clarity: Semi-translucent. Cuts: Sharp. Treatment: Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone.