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    Like other quartz, solar quartz is thought to boost energy, promote emotional fortitude, and uplift with enormous force. It

    strengthening harmony and the connection to the spirit. According to legend, solar quartz is also a cleaner of the soul, mind, and body. Because white is a "universal donor" colour, solar quartz that is primarily white will go well with any other colour. Mix solar quartz with opal-coloured crystal and glossy black onyx gemstone beads for high-impact designs. Solar quartz, predominantly white, will complement any other stone because white is a "universal donor" colour. For high-impact strategies, combine sun quartz with opal-coloured crystal and glossy black onyx gemstone beads. For methods of understated luxury, combined solar quartz with green or brown inclusions with crystal golden shadow beads, finely faceted red garnet gemstone beads, and dazzling gold "vermeil" filigree beads. Solar quartz is mined in Brazil, Madagascar, India, Mozambique, Namibia, Sri Lanka and the United States.

    Origin-Brazil. Colour-white. Shape-Crystal. Treatment - Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone.