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    Titanium druzy is a glittery, beautiful stone covered with lots of tiny shining crystals on its top. The jewellery made with this stone is beautifully designed. They have a beautiful colour with sparkles on them. It is not very expensive. Usually can cut it into many shapes as per the requirements. This gemstone grows very slowly over a million years. Titanium druzy is found in white, yellow, brown, red, and orange colours. Titanium druzy quartz stone beads are used in making jewellery with pendants. The titanium druzy is made up of tiny crystals that form on the surface of a stone. These crystals on the Titanium druzy gemstone are responsible for the glittery sparkling surface of the gem.

    The titanium druzy gemstone is believed to be associated with the feeling of peace, happiness, unconditional love, and positivity. Also, it is believed to be a sign of avoiding depression.

    In India and China, the titanium druzy costs about $15 or $20. The most applicable cost of titanium druzy is $200.

    Origin: Canada. Colour: Purple, Rainbow. Clarity: Opaque. Cuts: Pear, Cabochon. Treatment: Coated Gemstone.