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Since 2006 from the owners of Authentic gems, 92.5 silver.

Shipped in 2 weeks from Texas

Wholesale Silver Gemstone Bracelets

Copper Blue Turquoise Larimar> Blue Mohave Turquoise
Mystic Topaz Purple Copper Turquoise Ruby Zosite

Ready Stock In Sterling Silver Gemstone Bracelets Handmade

Faceted Kyanite    
Tourmaline Cabachone Faceted Zawadi Golden Sapphire Faceted Green Kyanite
Rhodonite Sunstone Ammolite
Noreena Jasper Faceted Black Rutile Purple Fire Labradorite
Black Tourmaline Rough Faceted Blue Chalcedony Faceted Green Onyx
Ruby Zosite Astrophyllite Spiny Oyster Arizona Turquoise
Morganite Rough Pink Tourmaline In Quartz Pink Tourmaline Rough
Citrine Cabachone Faceted Black Banded Agate Rose Quartz Rough
Moldavite Rainbow Moonstone Mystic Topaz
Aqua Chalcedony Amber Pink Tourmaline Rough
Biwa Pearl Blue Mohave Turquoise Botswana Agate
Purple Copper Turquoise Herkimer Diamond Kyanite
Faceted Labradorite Lapis Meteorite Campo Del Cielo
Pearl Window Druzy Platinium Window Druzy Ruby
Ruby Zoisite Sapphire Shungite
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Smithsonite Sodalite
Variscite Amethyst Cabachone Faceted Amethyst
Amethyst Cluster Uruguay Agate Druzy Aquamarine Rough
Atlantisite Australian Opal Black Banded Agate
Faceted Black Onyx Black Onyx Druzy Black Rutile ( Tourmalated Quartz )
Blue Chalcedony Blue Lace Agate Black Onyx
Blue Sunstar Blue Topaz Green Onyx
Boulder Chrysoprase Brecciated Mookite Brown Sunstar
Cacoxenite Carnelian Cheroite
Cinnabar Citrine Citrine Rough
Blue Copper Turquoise Green Copper Turquoise Faceted Imperial Jasper
Red Copper Turquoise Crystal Dendrite Opal
Dichroic Glass Bumble Bee Emerald
Ethiopian Opal Garnet Cabachone Faceted Garnet
Geode Druzy Golden Rutile Golden Seraphinite
Golden Window Druzy Green Amethyst Green Mohave Turquoise
Fossil Coral Iolite K2 Blue (Azurite in Quartz)
Labradorite Larimar Lemon Topaz
Malachite Faceted Moonstone Mexican Opal
Multi Fluorite Prehnite Nafed Jade
Srilankan Moonstone Pearl Pink Opal
Peridot Faceted Pietersite Pilbara Jasper
Psilomelane Purple Mohave Turquoise Pyrite in Magnetite
Rainbow Calsilica Red Jasper Rhodochrosite
Rhyolite Rose Quartz Faceted Rose Quartz
Seraphinite Ruby in Fuchsite Smoky Quartz
Snowfalkes Faceted Sodalite Variscite in Purpurite
Tanzanite Rough Tiger Eye Titanium Druzy
Turquoise Turtella Jasper Unakaite