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    Rolling Hills Dolomite can be distinguished by its impressive wave banding and contains pinks and red shades throughout the bands. It is also referred to as Wave Dolomite or Desert Storm Dolomite. In dolomite variants, banding often happens due to the gradual compression of several layers of different sediments.

    The waves in this stone are directed, giving the observer an understanding of how the formation moved as the granite compacted. The majority of true Rolling Hills Dolomites are mined in Chihuahua, Mexico. It is challenging to trace the precise origins of Rolling Hills Dolomite. Many people believe it to be a fossilised stromatolite made of dolomite; however, this is not proven. Dolomite is a rock as well as a mineral. The mineral is quite similar to calcite, although calcite lacks magnesium while dolomite does. The stone called dolostone contained significant amounts of the mineral dolomite and was a limestone-like carbonate sedimentary rock with varied concentrations of quartz, feldspar, and calcite.

    Origin - Mexico. Colour - Tans, Pink and Red.  Shape - Oviform. Treatment - Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone.