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    Trolleite is a new crystal in Brazil, a mix of Lithium, Lepidolite, Blue Tourmaline, and Lazulite. It is said that Trolleite helps avoid distraction and stress and can favour old habits. It is also considered good for remembering dreams and for a peaceful sleep. Besides this, it is also used during headaches, migraines, and other severe issues. Trolleite lacks iron and is a non-magnetic stone.

    Earlier, Torlite was predicted to be found in Sweden but in Brazil, Australia, Rwanda, and the USA; usually, it is considered a beautiful stone from Brazil.

    It strongly resonates in the crown chakra(the third eye) and the throat chakra, which helps you to communicate appropriately in society. It has a potent and soothing property of vibrating. Simply put, this gemstone helps perform deep meditation and spiritual awakening.

    Due to the bluish crystals present on its surface, the stone is found in a sky blue colour. These crystal-coated stones are highly recommended for healing.

    Origin: Brazil. Colour: Sky Blue. Clarity: Transparent and Translucent. Cuts: Rock shape. Treatment -  Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone